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All it takes is three votes and you can Bankrupt the city of Compton.

Here is what we see from our view; Eric J. Perrodin, has paid himself more than a Million Dollars since becoming mayor of Compton. He has also voted to pay his brother more than a million dollars since becoming mayor. He has giving city contracts to friends and Church members. All paid from the taxpayers’ pockets.

Perrodin, takes his pay even when he miss the city council meetings. It is reported that he has missed 3/4’s of the meetings. But, the most odious of some of the things that Perrodin, who is a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, has done …..He took a Gun To A School (OFF DUTY) Perrodin, said he has a license to carry a handgun. A former Compton policeman, he said he carries it for protection because he made a lot of arrests and could face retribution.

“It’s better for me to be armed and not need [it] than to need it and not be armed,” he said.

Tony Branson, once president of the Compton Firefighters Assn., testified that Perrodin drove up to the polling place, uttered an obscenity against the firefighters and raised “both his middle fingers up.”

Branson said he saw Perrodin take the handgun from his car and put it in a pocket. Several firefighters testified that they thought that action and the obscenities were threatening to voters.

Perrodin conceded that he had used profanity. But as for the suggestion that he shown them the middle fingers of both hands, he said: “I didn’t think I did two. I think I did one.”

The mayor of Compton also said he told the firefighters there would be “consequences” for their decision not to support him in the election. He said he would not support their effort to switch to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, where they hoped for better equipment and working conditions.
Perrodin said he told the firefighters: “You guys are not going to go county if I can do anything to prevent it.”

Perrodin, has also admitted that his campaign accepted a contribution from Death Row Records, the controversial company founded by rap music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight, who was sent to California State prison stemming from an violate assault. Suge Knight, served five years.

Perrodin said he had questions about whether to accept the money, but in the end he decided to take it.

“We needed it,” he said. Eric J. Perrodin, who is also the mayor of Compton failed to report his donation of $11,000 (GBP6,100) from rap mogul MARION ‘SUGE’ KNIGHT’s DEATH ROW RECORDS was ordered to pay a fine of the same amount.

The California state’s FAIR POLITICAL PRACTICES COMMISSION, which reached an agreement with Compton Mayor ERIC PERRODIN (JUL04) to settle the case, called it a “SERIOUS VIOLATION” of the law.

The findings SHOULD HAVE drawn questions among officials at the Los Angeles district attorney’s office where Perrodin has worked for the past 17 years. He handled part of a 2001 weapons violation case against Death Row artists NATE DOGG – about the same time he received the unreported contributions of $3,500 (GBP1,950) and $7,500 (GBP4,150) from the record company.

JANE ROBISON, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office, says, “We’re going to pull the file and look at them. Even an appearance of a conflict of interest would violate our policies.”

Perrodin blames an inexperienced campaign committee for failing to disclose the contributions and denies a connection between the cash and his involvement in the case against Nate Dogg.

Perrodin, first accused Nate Dogg, who’s real name was NATHANIEL HALE, of kidnapping his girlfriend, threatening her with a gun and then setting fire to a car (before getting paid). Perrodin had been transferred off the case by the time Hale entered his plea. But, most belive that Eric J. Perrodin is himself ABOVE the LAW. What do you think?


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